Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hit Workout 8/7/10

Hit Workout 8/7/10

Seated Row: 155/:55
Chest Press: 155/:58
Pulldown: 170/:55
Overhead Press: 155/1:11
Leg Press: 240/2:01
Standing Calf Raise: 65 L=5 R=6
Forearm grab: L= 2 R= 2
bicep curl: 100/2
weighted crunch: 70/2

This workout is actually split up into two days, the big five exercises plus standing calf raise are performed at the Firstenburg center, then the isolation exercises (forearm grab, bicep curl, weighted crunch) are done on a separate day. Most of my exercises had a marked improvement, except for my isolation exercises, I felt a bit drained and not sure what happened but will do much better next week. Firstenburg center is by far the best gym ive gone to, all the big five exercises they have are nautilus machines. Im also getting better at performing calf raises and doing them correctly and staying balanced.

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