Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Getting things straight and priorities

I've been posting and visiting the four hour work week forum more often lately, I dont post often there, ive posted more times in fact on the 21 convention forum and other pua forums. Things seem to be getting a lot better, at least mentally at least, it doesnt seem like im going crazy or as crazy as before, and feel a much better ability to sort things out.

What caused this over the past year or so Id say its a combination of factors, burnout at my job, failure with Amway, and even dealing with a psycho chick, but also to add in there personal responsibility, not opening up more about it, not pushing myself, and even getting used to my diet, which I believe I have figured and worked out, and got the macro nutrients right.

Since I read Timothy Ferriss's book, and even before that I decided that I didn't want to work at my current job forever, and I think that even led to some of my problems over the past year, among some other problems or things ive dealt with in the past. So as of now Im going to focus on being able to quit my job, and make money more or less. Im still involved and interested in the Zeitgeist Movement but I don't see any real or big change happening soon. I've tried a few times to get freelance work but so far I have not landed one paying job, ive had a few offers but nothing beyond that.

Im sure in time I can get one but without experience and a lack of knowledge and skills (beyond writing, editing, etc. which I am no where near an expert), it makes it difficult to get jobs. Ive put up some things on craigslist and my myspace to sell but so far I havent gotten too many offers. I am still going to pursue freelancer work and jobs, and work on selling stuff that I own or have.

But as of now I am going to focus as much as I can on learning no limit Texas Hold Em, I know it might sound crazy, it has a lot to do with being in control of your ego and emotions. Theres an element of luck but there is a lot of science, techniques and ways to win. In fact its similar to pooah or pua, theres forums, groups etc.

I dont see my book or ebook which I have started and am reading books on it, to be done soon or even when I do get it done to necessarily create a muse with it. I think it will but it needs time to grow, I need time to grow, in fact Id like time off to explore some ideas and things on my own. I cant do that until Im able to quit my job.

My job has caused me some misery in the past, but I don't view it so badly, things are getting better, its still not heaven on earth, and Id rather be doing something. I also dont get paid much, and budgeting and saving up, while I do think is wise, I dont buy into the whole work for work, and the life deferment plan, which Timothy Ferriss calls it. I dont work full time but I just plain dont want to either, I could easily work full time, get benefits, and even become a line cook but I want to work there less not more.

I do get three days off and I feel bad in some ways for bitching about my job, but I personally just dont buy into the idea of having a career, set career path, etc. I feel I have a lot more value to offer then in just one field or career, theres lots of things I want to do, and in the future, make money in more then a couple of ways, I dont like to limit myself as much as I do others.

Where Im at currently I do have the time to go out, maybe even possibly every day, but as of now I only go out once or twice a week, and my pua development has been very slow progress id say for about a year. In fact I might have even regressed some but I think I've grown in a lot more ways, especially by doing meditation, listening to binaural beats and getting things straight.

My health and weight are getting a lot better, during this year I've had a lot of crazy stuff thrown my way, like not being able to think clearly, fatigue, bad insomnia and a number of other things, I think some it had to do with not balancing out my diet. I know more now what my protein, carb, fat content is or should be, and I think its helping a lot. Im still not 100 percent but I think as my workouts improve and improve (I seem to have been getting a lot more progress lately, before it was a plateau or slow progress), it will help a lot as well. Some of it might have to do with my job, I know that it probably doesn't help.

I will also be trying to focus more, get priorities straight, get rid of mental clutter or even getting rid of stuff I never use or get things done Ive had on my plate for some time but havent done. Most of it is small so I dont expect it to take too long but I have been getting rid of a lot of stuff in my bedroom, and plan on selling more, and if it comes to it, giving it away. I think how you organize and treat your living space is in some ways a reflection of how you operate, or even how your mind works and mine is currently has a lot of bs and junk in it so im going to get rid of it.

I might also look for some coaching and mentorship but I think that some places that I currently ask for advice will suffice as they have a blend and variety of people with experience and knowledge. Im speaking primarily of the 21 convention forum and four hour work week forum, and possibly other people in my life. I also see myself going to the 21 convention next year, and by that time not ever having to worry about money or even time to do it, which have always been excuses in the past. Time and money I think are just as valuable when it comes to living a life and lifestyle that I desire and want a lot. I dont necessarily want to buy a bunch of material things or goodies, but a few wont hurt, I more want to travel, learn, maybe even teach, coach, mentor, write among so much else later on.

Anyways, thats it, I have a busy week at work so not sure next when Ill post :P.

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