Friday, October 2, 2009

Big Five Workout 9/30/09

First time I've used vibrams in Big Five Workout, finally ordered another pair that fit, last pair were way too tight and cutting off the circulation in my feet. Might try to sell my first pair I got to someone that wants or needs them.

Leg Press: 290/:47
Overhead Press: 155/1:01
Chest Press: 155/:48
Pulldown: 200/1:00
Seated Row: 160/:40

Total Elapsed time: 18 min
Total Time under load: 4:16
Total Rest time: 13:44

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Big Five Workout 9/22/09

Big Five Workout 9/22/09

Increased weight, which I havent done in a long time. Not too good of TULs not sure if its my diet, not getting enough sleep or having enough energy or need to change routine.

I’ve experimented with several different amount of recovery days, will try 8 days this time. It might be overlap of some muscle groups too but not sure.

Leg press: 290/:42
Overhead press: 155/:52
Chest press: 155/:42
Pulldown: 200/:46
Seated Row: 160/:31

Total Elapsed time: 13 min
Total Time under load: 3:31
Total Rest time: 9:29

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Big Five Workout 9/15/09

Big Five Workout 9/15/09

This is my latest workout, think im doing a lot better, went back to the Big Five Workout (got rid of the moment arm exercise, will try that once I read that book) and have been mixing up recovery days to get most effect. This was 3 recovery days, I think I will wait a week before I do my next workout, might try to plot it out on an excel graph to see how I am doing.

Leg press: 270/:57
Overhead press: 140/:55
Chest press: 140/:55
Pulldown: 180/1:02
Seated Row: 145/:41

Total Elapsed time: 15 min
Total Time under load: 4:31
Total Rest Time: 10:29

Sunday, September 13, 2009

11th Workout 9/12/09

Big Five Workout

bicep curl: :46
Leg Press: :41
Overhead Press: :51
Chest Press: :42
Pulldown: :55
Seated Row: :47

Total Elapsed time: 18 min
Total Time under load: 4:42
Total Rest time: 13:18

10th Workout 9/6/09

Big Five Workout

Seated Row: 160/:44
Chest Press: 140/:50
Pulldown: 180/:53
Overhead Press: 140/:55
Leg Press: 270/:53
Bicep Curl: 60/:55

Total Elapsed time: 15 min
Total Time under load: 5:10
Total Rest time: 9:50

Sunday, September 6, 2009

9th Workout, kinda sucked!

Big Five Workout 8/30/09

Added bicep curl, times really sucked, tried to only put like 3 days of rest and didn't work out well.. Was going to try 6 days rest, but completely spaced it. This week had a week recovery, going to try 6 days next time, and do next workout on saturday.

Seated Row: 145/:55
Leg Press: 270/:43
Overhead Press: 140/:38
Chest Press: 140/:45
Pulldown: 180/:43
Bicep Curl: 110/:42

Total Elapsed time: 14 min
Total Time under load: 4:26
Total Rest time: 9:34

Sunday, August 30, 2009

8th HIT workout

Big Five Workout 8/26/09

Seated Row: 145/1:03
Chest Press: 140/:58
Pulldown: 180/1:04
Overhead Press: 140/:52
Leg Press: 270/:45

Total Elapsed time: 15 min
Total Time under load: 4:42
Total Rest time: 10:18

7th HIT workout

7th HIT workout so far.

8/19/09 Big Five Workout

Seated Row: 145/:52
Chest Press: 140/1:16
Pulldown: 180/:57
Overhead Press: 180/1:03
Leg Press: 250/1:36

Total Elapsed time: 15 min
Total Time under load: 5:44
Total Rest time: 9:16

6th HIT workout BBS

Sixth workout so far.

Big 5 Workout 8/12/09:

Seated Row: 130/:38
Chest Press: 140/1:04
Pulldown: 160/1:42
Overhead Press: 125/1:29
Leg Press: 250/:36

Total Elapsed time: 16 min
Total Time under load: 5:49
Total Rest time: 10:11

Sunday, August 9, 2009

HIT workout

Fifth workout so far. So far so good! My weight is down now to 246 and really trying to focus on my diet and nutrition.

Big 5 Workout 8/5/09:

Seated Row: 115/1:45
Chest Press: 140/1:02
Pulldown: 150/1:13
Overhead Press: 125/1:08
Leg Press: 230/1:27

Total Elapsed time: 15 min
Total Time under load: 6:35
Total Rest time: 8:25

Sunday, August 2, 2009

HIT Workout 4

This is my fourth one so far. For some reason I forgot to record what time it started and stopped so total time elapsed is a estimation.

Big 5 Workout 7/28/09:

Seated Row: 130/:58
Chest Press: 140/1:11
Pulldown: 145/1:30
Overhead Press: 125/1:08
Leg Press: 210/1:49

Total Elapsed time: 23 min
Total Time under load: 6:36
Total Rest time: 16:24

HIT workout

So this has been my 3rd one so far, been doing one every week but just keep forgetting to post them up, ive been lazy on the upkeep of my blog. This one I got recorded but still need to hook up with my friend to get the videos so I can post them on youtube but here goes:

Big 5 Workout 7/21/09:

seated row: 130/:45
chest press: 140/:56
pulldown: 140/1:20
overhead press: 125/1:05
leg press: 190/1:30

Total elapsed time: 24 min
Total time under load: 5:36
Total rest time: 18:24

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

HIT Big 5 workout at 4th Plain La Fitness

Went to the La Fitness on 4th Plain, very similar to one at Hazel Dell. All the machines I needed for the big 5 workout seemed to be grouped together and the gym was arranged better, at least in my opinion then the one on Hazel Dell. Here is what they had for equipment though:

Seated Row: Life Fitness
Chest Press: Nautilus
Pull Down: Hammer Strength
Overhead Press: Nautilus
Leg Press: Life Fitness

Total Elapsed Time: 18 min
Total Time Under Load: 6:53
Total Rest Time: 11:17

Seated Row: 115/1:35
Chest Press: 110/1:30
Pull Down: 130/1:18
Overhead Press: 110/1:00
Leg Press: 140/1:30

Did a lot better then last time. On leg press I think I could have pushed out a rep or two but pushed myself much farther then last time. When I got back into locker room took me several minutes, 5-10 to catch my breath some, was still breathing heavy as I was walking back to my car. Going to try to find some local HIT trainers, in vancouver or portland area. Also looking for someone that might want to film and put it on youtube and do the same workout with me.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

First HIT (High Intensity Training) workout

So after having read enough of the Body By Science book (still not finished yet), decided to print out a worksheet to write all the information on and pictures for reminders of the different exercises for the big five workout. I might try to post or upload them somehow here, if not someone can always try to email me if they want them. Got interested in it primarily from reading Dream's blog and to a small extent had heard about something similar on Tim Ferriss's blog. So far have loved this book, simple and easy to follow, makes a lot more sense then those that preach and practice conventional strength, conditioning and exercise.

Decided to renew my LA Fitness membership and went to the one in Hazel Dell (Vancouver, WA). Brought a small three ring notebook, with my worksheets, stopwatch and paper notebook. Decide to write down what sort of machines they have at Hazell Dell. Was a bit confused and disappointed with what they had there... I remember when I used to go a couple of times a week seeing hammer strength and seeing some nautilus machines. For the big five though, this is what I had to work with:

Seated Row: Life Fitness
Chest Press: Life Fitness
Pulldown: hammer strength
Overhead Press: Nautilus
Leg Press: Life Fitness

Seated Row- 115/1:24
Chest Press- 115/1:46
Pulldown- 140/1:13
Overhead- 110/1:15
Leg Press- 120/1:51

Total Elapsed Time: 30 min
Total Time Under Load: 7:29
Total Rest Time: 22:31

Had a hard time finding all the machines, even after I scoped them out first, the hammer strength wasnt a resistance machine and used weights. Need to find better location or a trainer in HIT, even If I have to go up to Seattle. Should have pushed myself harder in the exercises, did best with leg press, and went into locker room and took a few minutes to catch breath.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

My car is Fixed!!!

Its like im free from purgatory, its been so long since Ive had the freedom to travel or well do anything about. I might even soon be an extra in Leverage too and I dont have to worry about transporation since my car is in good condition, even looks better then before!

The Blueprint

So I just finished the blueprint, its been about a week or so since. Its like ive entered the matrix, its really quite trippy, even has fixed or started me on the path to fix a lot of my inner game issues and what has been hindering my progress. One of the best seduction programs I've ever seen.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Eddie Bravo founder of 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu

I thought I would dedicate a post writing about someone that I have a great deal of admiration for. I actually happened upon his system or style of jiu jitsu by accident some years ago when I rented Jiu Jitsu Unleashed from the local library. Someone that commented on a promotional video of his system/school actually said that Eddie Bravo is the Bruce Lee of BJJ or JJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Jiu Jitsu) and I couln't agree more. In fact the 10th planet system is the only system I am interested in getting my black belt under.

His system is one of a small few of schools that only does no gi JJ, unlike what most of the machados, gracies and others that study BJJ. Eddie Bravo was able to take the rubber guard and put it into a complete system, in addition to the traditional BJJ techniques, which has never been done before. While some BJJ practioniers invent a few techniques from time to time, Eddie has invented (some from other sources) dozens. His system is even designed for use in Self Defense as well as MMA. Not too many fighters in the UFC or other big MMA organizations have used his system much. Recently there has been a few experimenting with it and using some of his techniques.

The rubber guard and the 10th planet system require a large degree of flexibility to pull it off successfully. Currently I am able to pull off some of the techniques but haven't gone for go go platas or rubber guard too much. In addition to being a pioneer in BJJ, Eddie Bravo is a music producer, and can play several instruments (including guitar, keyboard, drums) and is able to mix them all together. Also he is sometimes a guest UFC judge that scores the fights for the fans/commentators, MMA commentator (like his best friend Joe Rogan), and has competed in ADCC.

Check it out:

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Is how I feel right now, currently my car is in a state of disrepair so I am not able to go out, the farthest I can go is the town I live in, which is very small and also doesn't have too many venues to go to. My car is soon to be fixed (someone backed into my car...) but not sure when. With the time off though I can concentrate on watching the rest of the Blueprint and some other pua training, though I think I should heavily restrict it since I have read, watched or listened to quite a bit over a few years span.

And Dane Cook is coming to town this saturday which is what I really wanted to go see, even though since I waited until the last minute, the tickets are now $100!!