Wednesday, September 22, 2010

High Intensity Workout (HIT) Max Pyramid Protocol 9/16/10

Not sure what best way to record the progress but I think I have some system down as how to record my progress when doing the Max Pyramid HIT. As of now this is how I will record it: (lowest weight-highest weight)/(contractions or “reps”)/(TUL, which I believe is 20 seconds for each contraction/rep)

Pulldown: 125-185/9/3:00
Overhead Press: 95/155/9/3:00
Leg Press: 160-240/9/3:00
Forearm grab: 16-78 L=9/3:00 R=9/3:00
Bicep curl: 45-85/9/3:00
Weighted crunch: 0-45/9/3:00
Tricep extension: 40-60/5/1:40

This is my first time trying the Max Pyramid High Intensity Protocol. I read about it on here: I have to say it was one of the best workouts I’ve done in a long time, possibly ever. Weighted Crunch I think would have been better if done on a machine, last time I tried on a machine though, just couldn’t get it to work properly. Tricep extension has lowest reps/contractions because of doing it last, and was done after I had already done pulldown and overhead press. This workout was done over two days as well, the big three (overhead press, pulldown and leg press) and tricep extension on one day and the other three done four days later. Due to schedule changes at work it will be some time until I can do other exercises but I plan on doing chest press, seated row and standing calf raise.

Monday, September 13, 2010

High Intensity Workout (HIT) 9/13/10

High Intensity Workout (HIT) 9/13/10

Seated Row: 160/1:06
Chest Press: 160/:58
Pulldown: 170/:1:19
Overhead Press: 160/1:09
Leg Press: 260/1:49
Standing Calf Raise: 60 L=11 R=11
Forearm grab: 63 L=11 R= 12
bicep curl: 80/8
weighted crunch: 45/8
Tricep extension 70/8

In this week’s workout which is split up into two days, the first being big five, tricep extension and standing calf raise. The second day being weighted crunch, forearm grab and bicep curl. From last week there was an increase in reps or TULS in all exercises except chest press. I decided to do chest press later, and change up an order, someone commented on a youtube video of mine and said my chest press would go up If I did it after, the exercises that worked the shoulders.

Whether that’s true or complete bullshit I don’t know. I also increased the weight on my exercises for the big five, except leg press and pulldown, next week Im going to increase those as well. I think I will also increase the weight on the forearm grab as well.

All things aside, things at work and other areas of my life are improving as well. I’ve been playing poker and slowly but surely working my way on getting out of my job and quitting it. Im sleeping better and the holosync meditation and binaural beats I listen to every day and night are starting to show big results 

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

High Intensity Workout (HIT) 9/2/10

High Intensity Workout (HIT) 9/2/10

Seated Row: 155/1:03
Chest Press: 155/1:14
Pulldown: 170/1:09
Overhead Press: 155/:53
Leg Press: 250/1:06
Standing Calf Raise: 60 L=9 R=11
Forearm grab: 60 L= 10 R= 10
bicep curl: 80/5
weighted crunch: 45/6
Tricep extension: 60/5

This workout was done at Firstenburg Center, and as of now im going to keep that as my gym of choice. They don’t have as much equipment as other gyms such as 24 hour or La Fitness, but all their weightlifting and cardio equipment (which I don’t much care for honestly), is Nautilus. I did my isolation exercises and the big five all on one day. I think from now on I will separate the two, except perhaps doing calf raise and tricep extension possibly on same day.

I think I still need some adjustments on my leg press but after reviewing some MAE videos I think I know what I need to do now. The ab machine, to me felt clunky and just wasn’t able to use it right. Seated Row and overhead press the TULs went down, bicep curl went down and abs went down as well. Besides that for the most part I see improvements in all my exercises.

Next week I will be increasing weight on some of my exercises by about 5-10 lbs, I think 3-4 weeks is a good time to increase weight slightly. I might do it 2-3 weeks depending on my progress.