Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Im selling my 21 Convention ticket!

I decided it would best used If I could sell it and use the money for a good purpose. Im going to be selling it for about 200 dollars. This is much cheaper then the currently advertised price. It will be for the European convention but Im sure can be switched over to the American event as well.

Its the most bang for the buck as well, about the cheapest you will get for any lifestyle/pua/self help seminar or convention. I believe the European convention is a lot more pua and the american one has more variety of speakers on topics such as fitness, business, lifestyle, self help, etc. There is a lot of great free content on the 21 convention website as well.

You can see it at www.the21convention.com. Message me on facebook, or reply to this blog if interested.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Just want to set a few guidelines down for my blog

Your comments will be deleted and removed if you troll, flame, and personally attack me. Especially if you then promote your product on top of that. Honesty is great, but provide some insight, advice or help, to help me out as well. I will not stand to be insulted, demeaned, criticized or condemned in any way.