Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hit Workout 8/12/10

Seated Row: 155/1:07
Chest Press: 155/:58
Pulldown: 155/1:35
Overhead Press: 155/1:02
Leg Press: 250/1:13
Standing Calf Raise: 65 L=6 R=8
Forearm grab: 63 L=10 R=10
bicep curl: 100/2
weighted crunch: 70/3

I feel I made improvement in about every exercise, only one that didn’t go up was overhead press, I tried doing my isolation exercises differently or at least some of them and going with lower weights. I tried that since I think I should go for a weight I can do about 9-10, then slowly increasing weight and getting the increased weight I use to higher and higher reps.

I know that only doing a couple of reps is as productive as doing a lot of reps. I did make a big goof on the pulldown and that I did the wrong weight, I was looking at the wrong exercise, so next week I will do 170. I’ve been listening to an binaural beat that deals with exercise, its probably alpha binaural beats for exercise and also listening to Quietude while I work out which puts me into an alpha state and more focused state, both of those combined with my holosync work and some fine tuning on my diet I think is paying off handsomely.

Unfortunately this week ill have to take a few more recovery days since I have one day off, then work two days, one is a 10 hour shift (yay…..), and then have a day off so ill have to do it on my second day off. Good for me though theres a wedding and funeral (well its not good that someone passed away), but there will be lots of food to hold me over so that’s a plus 

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