Sunday, September 27, 2009

Big Five Workout 9/22/09

Big Five Workout 9/22/09

Increased weight, which I havent done in a long time. Not too good of TULs not sure if its my diet, not getting enough sleep or having enough energy or need to change routine.

I’ve experimented with several different amount of recovery days, will try 8 days this time. It might be overlap of some muscle groups too but not sure.

Leg press: 290/:42
Overhead press: 155/:52
Chest press: 155/:42
Pulldown: 200/:46
Seated Row: 160/:31

Total Elapsed time: 13 min
Total Time under load: 3:31
Total Rest time: 9:29

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Big Five Workout 9/15/09

Big Five Workout 9/15/09

This is my latest workout, think im doing a lot better, went back to the Big Five Workout (got rid of the moment arm exercise, will try that once I read that book) and have been mixing up recovery days to get most effect. This was 3 recovery days, I think I will wait a week before I do my next workout, might try to plot it out on an excel graph to see how I am doing.

Leg press: 270/:57
Overhead press: 140/:55
Chest press: 140/:55
Pulldown: 180/1:02
Seated Row: 145/:41

Total Elapsed time: 15 min
Total Time under load: 4:31
Total Rest Time: 10:29

Sunday, September 13, 2009

11th Workout 9/12/09

Big Five Workout

bicep curl: :46
Leg Press: :41
Overhead Press: :51
Chest Press: :42
Pulldown: :55
Seated Row: :47

Total Elapsed time: 18 min
Total Time under load: 4:42
Total Rest time: 13:18

10th Workout 9/6/09

Big Five Workout

Seated Row: 160/:44
Chest Press: 140/:50
Pulldown: 180/:53
Overhead Press: 140/:55
Leg Press: 270/:53
Bicep Curl: 60/:55

Total Elapsed time: 15 min
Total Time under load: 5:10
Total Rest time: 9:50

Sunday, September 6, 2009

9th Workout, kinda sucked!

Big Five Workout 8/30/09

Added bicep curl, times really sucked, tried to only put like 3 days of rest and didn't work out well.. Was going to try 6 days rest, but completely spaced it. This week had a week recovery, going to try 6 days next time, and do next workout on saturday.

Seated Row: 145/:55
Leg Press: 270/:43
Overhead Press: 140/:38
Chest Press: 140/:45
Pulldown: 180/:43
Bicep Curl: 110/:42

Total Elapsed time: 14 min
Total Time under load: 4:26
Total Rest time: 9:34