Tuesday, September 7, 2010

High Intensity Workout (HIT) 9/2/10

High Intensity Workout (HIT) 9/2/10

Seated Row: 155/1:03
Chest Press: 155/1:14
Pulldown: 170/1:09
Overhead Press: 155/:53
Leg Press: 250/1:06
Standing Calf Raise: 60 L=9 R=11
Forearm grab: 60 L= 10 R= 10
bicep curl: 80/5
weighted crunch: 45/6
Tricep extension: 60/5

This workout was done at Firstenburg Center, and as of now im going to keep that as my gym of choice. They don’t have as much equipment as other gyms such as 24 hour or La Fitness, but all their weightlifting and cardio equipment (which I don’t much care for honestly), is Nautilus. I did my isolation exercises and the big five all on one day. I think from now on I will separate the two, except perhaps doing calf raise and tricep extension possibly on same day.

I think I still need some adjustments on my leg press but after reviewing some MAE videos I think I know what I need to do now. The ab machine, to me felt clunky and just wasn’t able to use it right. Seated Row and overhead press the TULs went down, bicep curl went down and abs went down as well. Besides that for the most part I see improvements in all my exercises.

Next week I will be increasing weight on some of my exercises by about 5-10 lbs, I think 3-4 weeks is a good time to increase weight slightly. I might do it 2-3 weeks depending on my progress.

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