Monday, September 13, 2010

High Intensity Workout (HIT) 9/13/10

High Intensity Workout (HIT) 9/13/10

Seated Row: 160/1:06
Chest Press: 160/:58
Pulldown: 170/:1:19
Overhead Press: 160/1:09
Leg Press: 260/1:49
Standing Calf Raise: 60 L=11 R=11
Forearm grab: 63 L=11 R= 12
bicep curl: 80/8
weighted crunch: 45/8
Tricep extension 70/8

In this week’s workout which is split up into two days, the first being big five, tricep extension and standing calf raise. The second day being weighted crunch, forearm grab and bicep curl. From last week there was an increase in reps or TULS in all exercises except chest press. I decided to do chest press later, and change up an order, someone commented on a youtube video of mine and said my chest press would go up If I did it after, the exercises that worked the shoulders.

Whether that’s true or complete bullshit I don’t know. I also increased the weight on my exercises for the big five, except leg press and pulldown, next week Im going to increase those as well. I think I will also increase the weight on the forearm grab as well.

All things aside, things at work and other areas of my life are improving as well. I’ve been playing poker and slowly but surely working my way on getting out of my job and quitting it. Im sleeping better and the holosync meditation and binaural beats I listen to every day and night are starting to show big results 

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