Tuesday, July 13, 2010

FR: Two Strip Club Time

So last night I went to two strip clubs, I first went to Exotica, to be honest, the place blew. Was there for about 10-20 mins, the place was pretty cool looking with lots of stages and porn playing on the tv, well softcore porn at least. They had one dancer on one stage, and after one or two dances got off and was giving someone a lap dance, after getting an overly priced water, decided to check out some other places. I texted cha cha about some recommendations and to see what strip clubs are open the latest, bars and clubs are only open to 2:30 am, but i swear I remember hearing about a strip club open until 4 am on KUFO but I could be wrong. Anyways I decide to head out to Cabaret, and when I get there, I remember that I've been there once before, and the time before was when I was with my friend Frank (who sadly passed away :() and with a few people from high school, one of whom was turning 21 and danced on stage and was making out with a stripper.

That night I felt pretty chill and relaxed, though I did get overheated and felt a bit out of it but not as bad as I have in the past. At Cabaret, I talked to a few people and one or two dancers but was mainly talking to the bartender, mainly just fluff stuff, talking about her job or what she did for fun, etc. She seemed pretty friendly but I didnt get much of a sexual rapport or go direct at all, which might have been to my detriment. There was one dancer there whose birthday it was, she wasnt the best looking but seemed like a lot of fun, was going around being spanked and dry humping customers and dancers alike lol.

Near the end of the night I busted out with hey can I get your number to the bartender, she told me she didnt give it out and there was a bit of an awkward pause but then asked If I needed something else. I had a few drinks by now but nothing really, a shot of rum and kahlua mixed with cream. The rest of the night afterwards, which was only for a little bit I was a bit upset, in bad mood and bad state. In fact I was the rest of the night. I walked to my car and didnt get upset to the point of crying but was reflecting some, just on that night and my progress over the years, thinking to myself its now or never and im going to do whatever it takes to realize and get to my full potential and live a life and lifestyle of abundance and happiness no matter what. And to approach any girls I see that I am attracted to or like.

I am a bit confused as to what im going towards, at least game wise, im working on unplugging myself from some my own messed up belief systems and some faulty beliefs ive gotten from the community or just things that have come up from having this information but not using it, or as often as I should. Im going to do at least 5-10 approaches and make the most out of them, be sexual, dominant, alpha, always be closing and take chances. Ive often just been comfortable with my results or with my life but Im making conscious effort to be in control of myself, my emotions and destiny. Im unsure of how to go sexual though or what to say at times so im going to start reviewing some pua material, as well as self help, nlp, socializing, etc. I havent been with too many women, have had few relationships so to really embrace or express my sexuality when its been repressed, by social conditioning or still being laid im going to embrace it full.

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