Thursday, July 15, 2010

7/14/10 HIT 24 Hour Fitness

Seated Row: 145/:45
Chest Press: 145/:54
Pulldown: 160/:59
Overhead Press: 125/:25
Leg Press: 250/:33
Standing Calf Raise: 135/6
Forearm grab: L= 60/6 R= 60/5
bicep curl: 1
weighted crunch/ab machine: 50/3

Was disappointed about the gym, I haven’t been to a 24 hour fitness but half of the gym was cardio machines, and the weight machines were all second or third rate machines, only one exercise I did was a hammer strength. Didn’t have any Nautilus or Med Ex machines whatsoever. Despite that made some improvements and had a good workout. Also ran into someone I knew at gym too which is cool. Before workout had to go through a guest trial membership setting up deal with one of the trainers there and was trying to sell me personal training or something else. Also told me some things about HIT I don’t necessarily agree with but I was civil, even though I wanted to call BS on him, said machines aren’t necessarily HIT because they don’t use stabilizer muscles, its better to do once you slim down and also it can cause a lot of stress and pain on your joints, body, muscles. The last part is somewhat true, but I know how to do exercises safe and effectively, MAE and BBS for the win 

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