Saturday, May 29, 2010

HIT 5/26/10

Been some time since ive posted a workout, ive been doing them steadily just haven't been reporting them.

Deadlift: 210/5
Bench Press: 190/5
Bicep Curl: 90/5
Standing Calf Raise: 140/19
Weighted Crunch 60/7
forearm grab: 78 l=6 r=6

Have for some time switched from doing calf raise with each leg individually, to using a barbell, since i feel like i reached maximum with dumbbell. Improved rep count of bicep curl by one, besides that same as last week. Im on longest period of time while staying strict to diet, working on better sleep habits, getting better sleep and due to my holosync meditation work is a lot less stressful. Want to get heavier dumbbells for forearm grab (from MAE, not sure what to call it), and calf raise, hard to keep stable using barbell. Also trying to get better with form and technique of bench press. IF possible will try to get video of workout at home.

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