Friday, June 4, 2010

Powerman 5000 concert?! Direction in life, self development and pua journey

I went to see one of my favorite bands of all time Powerman 5000 on June 3rd, it was the most fun I have had in a long time. This isnt so much of a field report though I did talk to a promo girl for a brief bit. Prior to coming to the concert I decided I was going to make some clothes that I could wear when I go out and also to the concert, not sure whether to call it a success or a failure, since its still a work in progress, ive done one shirt and one pair of pants, and have three more pair of shirts to go and one more pair of pants. Will try to upload pictures of the shirt, but basically what I did was I borrowed something I heard of from the pua training blog, but tried it on some shirts as well.

If you look on the blog at, under the tag fashion, one of the posts mentions how to get a unique looking pair of pants, using fabric paint and ripping the pants up a bit. I tried it with my older pair of pants that Ive worn and used for years from Buckle but basically used white acrylic paint instead and put white handprints on the back pockets and splattered some paint over the front and back of them. I also tried ripping them some more (they already had some rips in them, it was part of the look of the jeans).

I bought another pair from Old Navy to try out the same thing, the ripping doesn't quite look as good as the ones that came with the Buckle pants when I first got them, but with some research or experimenting think I could replicate what would look like some pretty expensive pants. The Old Navy Pair I got are dark blue and faded (just like the pair I bought from Buckle), which in my opinion are the best looking on about any guy, and can get them fairly cheap as well.

For the shirts I just bought two extra large shirts and one large shirt, since I am between those sizes. I used black acrylic paint and painted a PM5K on the front with some stars on back and front, with the skull with fangs wearing a helmet that is featured on the cover of their latest album on front and back. I stenciled them out or did as best I could, and afterwards splattered black paint on front and back as well. The first shirt or two I did were to be honest came out shitty and the paint was bleeding out some as well. The third one I did was best one yet, and even by time of concert I didnt wear the pants because they werent totally dry, and the t shirt was also barely dry enough, I wore a long sleeve shirt underneath my PM5K shirt. It didnt quite come out with look that I was hoping for, and wanted to add some other alterations to the shirts as well (which are still a work in progress), such as making two of the shirts into sleeveless muscle shirts and cutting/scissoring the hem of the shirt collar and the sleeve for a roughed up/punk look. I got the idea actually from what Powerman 5000's video for Wild World here:

Enough talk about fashion and more onto the concert :) I was planning on meeting up with a chick off of plentyoffish, since I got two tickets for 20 dollars off of one of my boss because he had won them. I decided to go with a neighbor of mine, it was at the Hawthorne theater and we got there a little bit after the concert started. To my dismay though there was some other local, not as big or popular bands performing before powerman 5000, and powerman 5000 was the last band to perform. To be honest the bands before Powerman 5000 werent so great in my opinion. First band performing had a female lead singer and up until Powerman 5000 the crowds didnt get too rowdy or loud. There wasn't a whole lot of women there either. I saw a few here and there, I also got a five dollar powerman 5000 necklace as well from one of the promo booths close to the stage. Before I go on about the concert though, the theater had a cool, fun vibe though, and despite some mental fog and fatigue and other issues ive been having for the past several months I felt pretty good.

There were posters all over the walls, a bar in the corner, promo tables near the stage and in the middle for some reason a checkpoint that I had to keep showing my black light stamp, that showed up only when black light was shown on it. The band before Powerman 5000 were actually the best of the bands before the main event went on, I asked a hot promo girl what the name of the band was, and she gave me a card that said Silver Safe, found out later she was one of the promo girls later on. The singer of the band during his performance came down off stage, walked through the crowd and fist bumped me and later on patted me on the back. After they got done, the band was hanging out at one of the promo tables, signing cds and taking pictures, the band seemed pretty friendly and cool as well. The night was going pretty good so far but out of nowhere I was taken surprise by something. A few months back when things were to be honest getting pretty rough I was working on getting this girl's number that worked at a local mall, but was told she was moving out of town back with her dad to South Carolina. I even tried a last ditch effort to bring some roses/flowers, on V day, but to no avail (and swear to next V day not be another lonely day!). Anyways some time before Powerman 5000 came on here she walked in with some guy, I instantly felt pretty pissed and upset, and jealous to a certain extent, and though im not big on guy bashing or bashing on other people, the guy looked like a damn chode! Took a bit to recover but by time Powerman 5000 came on felt a lot better, I've heard from others that Powerman 5000 gives every concert they do their all and its an experience, so was ready to have lots o fun.

They came on stage dressed up in space suits, or at least the lead singer, a lot of their music has sci fi elements in them, just like how the lead singer's half brother Rob Zombie has a lot of horror elements in his music. The concert was awesome, as soon as they came on stage the whole crowd got really loud, and I got right up near the front of the stage, and got closer and closer as the night went on. Everyone was yelling, screaming and jumping up and down and it was really fucking loud as well (i mean what else would you expect at a rock concert? lol). The guitar players were really into it, energetic, at times let the people in the crowd pluck strings or chords on his guitar, and was playing the guitar while spinning in a circle or jumping up and down. The lead singer was doing crazy shit and expressions as well, and was singing along to all their songs. They played some songs off their latest album, some of my favorite songs and they even played a song I've never heard before ("neckbone" which was pretty cool), that was before their 1999/2000 popularity explosion with their album tonight the stars revolt. There was a moshpit that wasnt too crazy but was bumped into a few times. Some hot chick's boyfriend randomly joined the mess and asked her if her boyfriend abandoned her and she hid behind me and some guy next to me. I wasnt too big on getting hurt or anything, it was just people pushing eachother, bumping into each other and some people were doing some crazy ass dancing (I was too as well :P).

Im really into music, and though I havent told too many people, bands such as Powerman 5000 really move me or make me feel awesome, especially when powerman 5000 puts a lot of raw emotion into their music. I was singing and dancing and jumping up and down during most of their songs, especially when they played "Free" which is one of my all time favorite songs. When they played that song it just really touches a chord in me and its hard to describe, I hope that doesnt sound too homo but im a big fan of music and especially powerman 5000. Ill try to get some videos and pics, the pics didnt quite turn out right, they were all blurry. Half way through their performance they acted like they were going off stage and done but a few minutes later after some cheering and chanting for powerman 5000 (of which I participated), all the band members (except the lead singer) came back on stage with space helmets, with white LEDs on them, they were wearing what the helmets they wear in this music video:

The last song they played "When Worlds Collide" is on of their most popular songs and its also a favorite of mine, I hoped they could have played more songs but I was pretty damn exhausted, as well as soaked with sweat. Before I forget, something kinda odd happened as well, near the end of the concert. Some chick next to me that was with her friends, that was a bit chubby but chesty lol (wasnt too bad looking either really), she stood right next to me with her butt up next to me, so I couldt move, idk if she was like doing some super deluxe pooah move or something or it was because I kept jumping up and down and was landing on her or her friends feet, it was a bit different but oh well.

As the concert ended I had to go past the middle check point thing and since I was well pretty damn dehydrated, I had some trouble understanding her but had to go around because I didnt have a tab or get anything there. Hung out for a bit in the lounge area and got some water and headed home, pretty awesome night I say :)

Anyways this next part is a bit of a rant and some ideas ive had lately, that were maybe going to turned into youtube videos or something else but I've decided lately to turn my website jedi mastery into an e book and then a book. Im not sure of the direction it will take or how long but fuck it im just going to do it. Im also going to save up money and make enough money to make it to the 21 convention. I just found out about an idea that my friend has been using to support his own dream of a Muse, but its time i took action, now or never, because I cant work at the same job or same place all my life. I make minimum wage even though I was promoted, and I know im worth a lot more then that, just like its said in this video: I have to go out and get what im worth, and just not been willing to take risks or let circumstances, other people's opinions, excuses, or putting it off for action. I want to have a business, work or job that I can enjoy and spend my free time, doing whatever I want with whomever I want, I have a lot of goals I want to attain and staying in one place, doing the same thing week after week just aint fucking cutting it.

I feel a lot more clarity with all work ive been doing with Quantum K, Holosync, binaural beats and getting better and better at HIT and my diet. Im still not 100 percent or where I used to be, but I never amounted to what I could be in the past, i read Tim Ferriss's book years ago but havent taken some serious steps, as I have with my involvement with the pua community to get true, real success. I mean its time to be free and not care what other people say or do, trying to get approval or validation for being a pua or not knowing which way to go or what to do, only way I can learn is by doing something, anything! I want my life to be something I enjoy every day not something that I begrudge and dont enjoy and like its a chore like my job, ill just turn out negative and cynical like some people I work with. Life is meant to be enjoyed and not be some big ego trip or emotional roller coaster, it isnt always so good, and sometimes you have to deal with some crazy shit, some crazy nasty shit. Anyways listen to these songs, I love these songs! but also feel inspired by them everytime I hear them :D


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