Sunday, September 20, 2009

Big Five Workout 9/15/09

Big Five Workout 9/15/09

This is my latest workout, think im doing a lot better, went back to the Big Five Workout (got rid of the moment arm exercise, will try that once I read that book) and have been mixing up recovery days to get most effect. This was 3 recovery days, I think I will wait a week before I do my next workout, might try to plot it out on an excel graph to see how I am doing.

Leg press: 270/:57
Overhead press: 140/:55
Chest press: 140/:55
Pulldown: 180/1:02
Seated Row: 145/:41

Total Elapsed time: 15 min
Total Time under load: 4:31
Total Rest Time: 10:29

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