Sunday, September 6, 2009

9th Workout, kinda sucked!

Big Five Workout 8/30/09

Added bicep curl, times really sucked, tried to only put like 3 days of rest and didn't work out well.. Was going to try 6 days rest, but completely spaced it. This week had a week recovery, going to try 6 days next time, and do next workout on saturday.

Seated Row: 145/:55
Leg Press: 270/:43
Overhead Press: 140/:38
Chest Press: 140/:45
Pulldown: 180/:43
Bicep Curl: 110/:42

Total Elapsed time: 14 min
Total Time under load: 4:26
Total Rest time: 9:34


  1. Post these on every weekend, I can keep up with them easiest there, and Doug Mcguff may jump in as well (among other commenters).


  2. Ok, thanks, I will be doing that soon, need to post like two more workouts too