Tuesday, July 14, 2009

HIT Big 5 workout at 4th Plain La Fitness

Went to the La Fitness on 4th Plain, very similar to one at Hazel Dell. All the machines I needed for the big 5 workout seemed to be grouped together and the gym was arranged better, at least in my opinion then the one on Hazel Dell. Here is what they had for equipment though:

Seated Row: Life Fitness
Chest Press: Nautilus
Pull Down: Hammer Strength
Overhead Press: Nautilus
Leg Press: Life Fitness

Total Elapsed Time: 18 min
Total Time Under Load: 6:53
Total Rest Time: 11:17

Seated Row: 115/1:35
Chest Press: 110/1:30
Pull Down: 130/1:18
Overhead Press: 110/1:00
Leg Press: 140/1:30

Did a lot better then last time. On leg press I think I could have pushed out a rep or two but pushed myself much farther then last time. When I got back into locker room took me several minutes, 5-10 to catch my breath some, was still breathing heavy as I was walking back to my car. Going to try to find some local HIT trainers, in vancouver or portland area. Also looking for someone that might want to film and put it on youtube and do the same workout with me.

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