Wednesday, July 8, 2009

First HIT (High Intensity Training) workout

So after having read enough of the Body By Science book (still not finished yet), decided to print out a worksheet to write all the information on and pictures for reminders of the different exercises for the big five workout. I might try to post or upload them somehow here, if not someone can always try to email me if they want them. Got interested in it primarily from reading Dream's blog and to a small extent had heard about something similar on Tim Ferriss's blog. So far have loved this book, simple and easy to follow, makes a lot more sense then those that preach and practice conventional strength, conditioning and exercise.

Decided to renew my LA Fitness membership and went to the one in Hazel Dell (Vancouver, WA). Brought a small three ring notebook, with my worksheets, stopwatch and paper notebook. Decide to write down what sort of machines they have at Hazell Dell. Was a bit confused and disappointed with what they had there... I remember when I used to go a couple of times a week seeing hammer strength and seeing some nautilus machines. For the big five though, this is what I had to work with:

Seated Row: Life Fitness
Chest Press: Life Fitness
Pulldown: hammer strength
Overhead Press: Nautilus
Leg Press: Life Fitness

Seated Row- 115/1:24
Chest Press- 115/1:46
Pulldown- 140/1:13
Overhead- 110/1:15
Leg Press- 120/1:51

Total Elapsed Time: 30 min
Total Time Under Load: 7:29
Total Rest Time: 22:31

Had a hard time finding all the machines, even after I scoped them out first, the hammer strength wasnt a resistance machine and used weights. Need to find better location or a trainer in HIT, even If I have to go up to Seattle. Should have pushed myself harder in the exercises, did best with leg press, and went into locker room and took a few minutes to catch breath.

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