Sunday, July 29, 2012

So I've decided to post more about me recovering from what I've been going through and some things I've been working on. I am still at my job which I need to find a new one soon and fast, that place is just toxic to me and negative and possibly the worst place to work in my condition. It is sad to see and very frustrating that people don't understand what im going through and then to continue to make comments. I've snapped at a few people in the past and even went to Human Resources recently to talk about it. I've applied for an internship at a local graphic novel/comic book publishing company, and there are a few other jobs locally I will apply to that I think my degree will come in handy in getting them. They aren't ideally what I'd like to be doing but they pay more, are less stressful and are better for my health and sanity. Health wise my doctor has me on a more loose version of the paleo diet which I know Chris Kresser sometimes uses. Im going to have some rice/starches (such as sweet potatoes mainly) and some gluten free grains such as buckwheat. Also going to try to have a variety and different vegetables as well. The last time I saw my doctor, the thyroid hormone seems to be helping/working but I have mitochondrial dysfunction which may relate to methylation/snp issues which I've been wanting to look into. I had about all the tests done for Thyroid that I could get except antibodies which I want to look into as well. She also said since my vitamin D was low to get more sun and try walking everyday. I have been trying but since I work when the sun is up I mainly do that on my days off. I still have a natural sunlight lamp though that I use as well. She limited the amount of supplements Im on as well, I was taking a lot and just taking a few now. As I get better and more stuff is needed and as I absorb nutrients better, supplementation or nutrition will be used. My B12 was low and as far as I am aware If its high or low it could be methylation issues, last time it was tested it was actually high. My insulin is still high but not as high as before, but my kidney and liver enzymes are to normal levels as well. She has me putting castor oil treatment to help repair the digestive system since from what I described to her, my ileo cacal valve is messed up and food isn't being digested well enough. I have been looking into self publishing/publishing again as well, Jeff Goins has a great blog on it and even has a few of his ebooks for free. I am still doing HIT on about a weekly basis but sometimes I do take a two week break. Besides that I have been finally getting around to reading "Lights Out!" and working on getting to bed earlier and getting more sleep. I have to follow up sometime in the near future so that I can get some more testing done and see what I can do to more address methlyation issues. From what I have read and researched it can get quite complex especially when dealing with other issues such as adrenal, hormonal, thyroid and other issues (such as my fatty liver). There are primarily two genes associated with Methylation and 50 genetic Singular nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPS) that can affect it as well. So far I have only tested one of the genes for methylation and came back I was homozygous normal. My dad got tested for same one and has one bad mutation or copy so he likely has methylation issues as well as pyroluria (which I have as well).

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