Sunday, July 24, 2016

Been watching 21 convention videos lately

I've just been bored, not much else to do, for those that don't know I used to be pretty active, wanted to be the number 1 pua in the world but not so much anymore. Since 2009 (even before than). I've been dealing with mental but physical health issues.

I was also working in a very negative/hostile environment for about 5 years while dealing with this as well. I still have a long ways to go recovery wise, but I now have a doctor and a counselor soon too!

I think I may be able to go to the 21 convention finally this year or next as well. The videos lately I've seen from the 21 convention have been great. I think I've learned more from the 21 convention than a lot of other sources I think, it really liked opened my mind to a lot of new areas and interests.

Also like Anthony has said in the past, his convention isn't just about dating or relationships but is a broad spectrum now as well. Thats very important I find that someone is not only open minded but well rounded, it helps a lot I think in personal success and dating success as well.

Aside from that I've been working on some businesses very hard and my health is always my priority, I want to take care of that first but also reinvest into my business some as well. I want to list even more products on one of my websites, once I get enough money I'll likely enroll into a few udemy courses as well.

I want to get back into mma, dancing and my past interests as well too. I also want to write a book (or ebook), get back into acting and try some other things out maybe?

I've been working on not only self talk but also been meditating, walking daily, taking ice baths and trying to avoid gluten and soy as much as possible.

I want to start going out perhaps once a week and then move it up to a few times a week, also do more online game and focus on other aspects of my life too.

I've been doing this not even consciously it seems but i've been slowly eliminating some of my negative and toxic friends ive had since high school. I've had some of the same friends since high school and while I like to hang out with them I want those similar to me that want a lot more out of life.

I've been meeting and talking to different people but haven't met many positive, cool people I want to be around (except one friend from high school maybe who went to a nearby high school).

I may also need to distance myself from some family because they have often done more harm than good in my recovery as well. My self esteem has been rather low lately, it probably doesn't help I don't go out much but want to improve that.

Anyways just felt like posting this since i can't sleep worth a shit...

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